Saturday, April 21, 2012

Updates Week of April 23rd

Here is the Munstead, the one that has been in the ground for it's third year.
And here is Tucker's Early Purple, my favorite of all the varieties that I bought last year.
And the Provence, slowly, slowly coming along.
More updates below.

Hidcote Giant Dead...or is it?

And I don't understand why. The other four are just fine It's in the same place as the others. But, looking at this picture closer there is a bit of greening at the base. Shall I keep it and prune it back and see what happens or rip out and replant? Not how perfectly round it is all on its own without any pruning.

Grosso greening up fast!

Yes, I know the grass is really close to them. These is thanks to short sighted planting. I will put down landscape fabric later and gravel closer to them. For now I cam focusing on pulling weeds and deed leaves away from the base.

Croxton's Wild coming along well

Croxton's are greening up fast. The ones I had to cut wind busted branches from are getting new growth at the base.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Glimpse of the Future

Despite the cooler weather, most of the lavender plants are continuing to green up nicely. This shot is from one of the more established Grossos, three years old. Not the brighter green shoots. This is new growth where the next generation of wands will grow from. Note too that the whole rest of the plant is fully greened up.

Scroll down for an update on how some of the varieties are doing and to compare progress and plant characteristics at this stage.

Croxton's Wild Coming Back

The Croxton's are greening up alongside the other varieties, the ones that I had to cut stems because they snapped in the wind, aren't throwing up any new starts at the base, but their greening up is a good sign. Notice how spindly these look compared to the other ball like varieties...this is mostly because of the plant itself and partly because I didn't do a good job pruning.

Marge Clark Iffy

The Marge Clark's are my least favorite of all the varieties that I bought last year. Sorry Marge. They may improve with maturity but I found the few that bloomed last year reedy and low on fragrance. They are hands down the slowest to green up after the Provences and I have to say I'm a bit ambivalent.

Tucker's Coming Along Nicely

Tucker's Early Purple is probably the variety I am most pleased with of the ones I bought last year. I'll write more about them later. They bloom in April, May, September and into late October! I only have 9 cause that's all I could buy last spring but will buy or start from cuttings three more to make the twelve per variety that I am trying to achieve.

Hidcote Giant

I'm really intrigued by the HGs. They will grow the largest, longest wands when full grown, they their leaf shape really makes them stand out. Also, they are growing perfectly round, like little lavender volleyballs without any pruning from me. Take a close look at this picture. The side that is green faces East and the grayed out side West. This seems to be a loose pattern with all the plants, but the most obvious with the HGs. Their wands, when full grown will be 18 inches long.

Provence Vs Hidcote

I'm a little worried about the Provences. Of all the plants they have the least green. No green really. In fact they look like they are dead...but it is still early and they are a French variety. I think they need more sustained heat to green up. If not, heck I'll rip em up and plant something else. The greener plant in the picture is a Hidcote Giant, for comparison...