Monday, November 19, 2012

The Lavender in Frost

Forgive me for not posting much over the last several months about the lavender. Not much to report accept that they are growing. The lavender ladies I planted in June are well prepared for winter, all between softball and cantalope sized, and many threw up a few blooms in late September, a really beautiful willowy stem so I am excited for next year.
The hungarian lavenders, I'm a little more worried about. All of them burnt up in the drought despite my watering and M and I had to replant in the middle of September.
Up until the time change, I was diligently placing buckets over the young plants on frost risk nights, and I left work early the night before Sandy hit and dumped a bit of snow on the ground. Now it is getting hard to bucket them and I have to hope that after 8 weeks and with these warm days, the roots are established enough to weather the Ohio winter. Hungarian lavenders would have to be hardy right?
Here are some more frost gilt lavender plants, mostly the Croxton's wild, that look very nice after the big prune I gave them this summer.
There will be several projects in the spring outside of planting and I'll let you know when posts are up.