Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lavender Harvest 2013

To celebrate a decent harvest despite the cold wet spring, here is a rare photo of the blogger herself... So I prove to continue to be hopelessly, hopelessly behind on blogging. I have big plans for this weekend that I hope won't take me six weeks to post. For now, I review of this year's harvest. So, I have a little lavender... I have about 100 bundles drying and this is the first year the house has significantly smelled of lavender. I had to throw out a whole basket of grossos because I must have set it on and ant hill and there were like, 5 billion ants in the laundry room so had the chuck it all out and simple green the floor where the ants were. I didn't cut croxton's at all and left them for the bees. The mystery lavender also went to the bees so I have tucker's, provence (still small but making it throught the winter) munstead, hidcote, cynthia johnson, marge clark and niagara also hanging up. I am hoping to get some serious maintenance done and write about the plants that didn't make it and why and write about it soon so, Maxwell says "stay tuned!"

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