Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bees and Blooms

Most of these are from the ornamental (read not very fragrant)lavenders I have in the herb garden. I let them go completely for the bees. I have about 30 plants in the back that I did let go for the bees, the mystery variety, the croxton's and a couple munsteads and hidcotes. I could take pictures of bees all day. They move fast, staying on a bloom for just a few seconds. These were done with my macro lens. Note the orange on this bees leg. This part of the leg is considered the "pollen basket" The next two pictures aren't about the bee but the bloom. I just really liked the detail. The butterflies are even harder to catch as I think they are pretty flighty (pardon the pun) I think I kept casting a shadow or something and they thought I was a bird. Maybe later I can get more...

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